Microsoft Intune

Google Chrome Single Sign On (SSO) | Entra ID

Implementing seamless single sign-on (SSO) for Google Chrome can be an effective way to improve productivity and user experience in a corporate environment.You can use Intune to distribute either the SSO extension (Addin Windows Accounts) or, more recently, the specific...

  • 6. July 2023

Windows LAPS | Entra ID

Windows LAPS is a tool developed by Microsoft to manage local administrator passwords in Windows environments. It allows administrators to create and manage random and unique passwords for local administrator accounts on Windows computers. In addition to managing local administrator...

  • 2. May 2023

Mastering Microsoft Intune Company Portal Customization

Make the Microsoft Intune Company Portal yours, or better your companies. Discover the latest customization options that empower organizations to create a personalized and seamless user experience. Explore the world of Company Portal app and website customization in this comprehensive...

  • 12. April 2023