Microsoft Intune

Introducing IntuneDeviceInventory

The PowerShell module IntuneDeviceInventory allows you to add custom fields to Intune device objects. In addition, it included some handy and supportive commands to trigger multiple actions such as a sync or reboot. I developed the module including the associated UI in...

  • 8. November 2022

Point and Print & Intune

Since the Print Nightmare updates last year (2021), a lot has changed in the distribution of printers. This has to do with the fact that Microsoft has introduced additional protection mechanisms for prevention. To ensure that the distribution and installation...

  • 2. November 2022

How to: winget & Intune

With the Windows Package Manager (winget) applications can be installed very easily on a Windows device. Winget offers a large repository that you can use, like Chocolatey, for example. The big advantage of winget is that this client is already integrated into...

  • 30. August 2022