Microsoft Intune

Turn off automatic Teams meeting

Outlook and the Outlook web app automatically create a team/online meeting from an appointment with invited people. This was introduced with the "Add online meeting to all meetings" feature. However, this behavior is not always desirable and can confuse users...

  • 26. April 2022

Shared Printer with Intune

Microsoft offers us with Universal print a new modern way of managing and distributing printers. However, universal print is not the optimal solution in every scenario, especially when multifunction devices have special functions such as cost centers or special user interfaces, the...

  • 23. March 2022

FortiClient VPN configuration with Intune

The "FortiClient VPN" can be distributed with the correct MSI package and an exported configuration file even without the Fortinet / FortiGate Premium EMS features with, for example, Intune. If you know how, the individual steps are not very complex....

  • 15. March 2022