Microsoft Intune

Enable Windows Hello - Intune

There are configurations in which activating Windows Hello for Business does not make sense for our customers and is therefore switched off. Basically, Windows Hello is a very good and secure way to protect the devices on site and to...

  • 13. July 2021

Disable Windows "Connect printer automatically" - Intune

The Windows function "Connect printer automatically" automatically connects recognized network printers and displays them to the users. This is very tedious, especially in offices with many network printers. Because, for example, a user sees much more than he actually needs...

  • 14. March 2021

My take on Intune Win32 apps

With the win32 app packages, the Endpoint Manager / Intune offers an excellent opportunity to distribute more complex applications, processes or settings to the devices.A Win32 app can consist of any combination of scripts, data and installation files. In order...

  • 5. January 2021