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Apple Configurator 2 - Reset iPad / iPhone
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Reset iPad/iPhone with Apple Configurator 2

I prefer to use the Endpoint Manager (MDM) to reset managed iOS/iPadOS devices that are in the Apple Business Manager (DEP) in the event of malfunctions or major problems. In certain scenarios, however, this is no longer possible. For example, if there is no internet connection. In these cases there is nothing left but to initiate a reset of the iPad / iPhone with the "Apple Configurator 2" and a Mac.

The steps are not very complex, you can physically reset the device as follows:

  • If you haven't installed the "Apple Configurator 2" yet, you can find it here (for Mac only).
  • Open the "Apple Configurator 2" and connect the corresponding device via USB.
  • As soon as the device is recognized, you can select it and choose "Actions > Restore".
Apple Configurator 2 - Restore
  • Now the preparations and checking of the device start.
Apple Configurator 2 - Preparation
  • Thereupon will
Apple Configurator 2 - Confirm Restore
  • After the confirmation it takes another 5 minutes and that
Apple Configurator 2 - Recovery
  • After this process, the device is ready for use again and, if configured in Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager, reports directly to your MDM.
Apple Configurator 2 - Restore complete

In order to prevent an iPad / iPhone from being reset via "Apple Configurator 2", I recommend that you always use MDM to distribute backup WLAN, which you can quickly take online and thus restore via your MDM. This saves you time and work.

2 thoughts on “Reset iPad/iPhone mit Apple Configurator 2”

  1. Hallo Florian,

    ich habe genau das Problem.

    Leider aber erkennt der "Apple Configurator 2" das Gerät nicht.
    Andere Geräte werden auch nur erkannt, wenn Sie entsperrt werden.

    Hast du einen Tipp?


    1. Hallo Oliver
      Manchmal kann ein Hard Reset helfen. Der Geht je nach iPad/iPhone etwas anders. Mit dem Stitchwort "Hard reset DeviceTyp" findest du aber jeweils schnell die richtige combination.

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