Did I ever mention that i f** love the new Platform SSO feature in Intune for macOS?
Until now it wasn't possible to achieve a good SSO experience for Google Chrome but thanks to the PSSO feature which comes with an Entra join for our macOS devices, we now can have a SSO experience in Chrome.

Intune macOS configuration for Google Chrome SSO

With Google Chrome, the Microsoft Single Sign On (formerly Windows Accounts) extension needs to be installed in Windows there is a new Settings but for macOS there is no way around that extension.
You can install the extension manually per user or much easier via Intune and a custom profile (mobileconfig). To do this, we first need the extension ID, which we find out by opening the extension in the "Chrome Web Store". Then it can be seen in the URL:

Microsoft Single Sign On Extension for Google Chrome

You create the profile under:
Devices > macOS> Configuration profiles ... + Create > + New Policy (Templates, Custom)

Intune, new Custom macOS profile

On the first tab you define a name and description:

Intune, macOS Profile basics

After that you give the profile, which will be visible in the local machine, a name. I tend to use the same as in the Intune configuration to make it easier for support.
Next you define the deployment channel as the Device channel and upload the mobile config, which you can download below.

Intune, macOS mobileconfig Chrome Extension

Once the extension is active, Google Chrome will support SSO.
The login then works seamlessly with an account connected to your device via Platform SSO (PSSO).

Google Chrome - with vs without Single Sign ON

Google Chrome with Default settings

Without the extension Google Chrome doesn't know about your Entra ID account and won't perform any kind of SSO.

Google Chrome without SSO on macOS

Google Chrome with Platform SSO and Microsoft Single Sign On

And this is how I watend it to be for a long long time:

Google Chrome Entra SSO Demo macOS