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Defender for Endpoint: Failed to enable Intune integration

You get the error message "Failed to enable Intune integration." when activating Defender for Endpoint or Defender for Business? Chances are you're just as impatient as I am. And you just signed up for the first time since the Defender for Endpoint or for Business license is assigned on security portal Registered.

Just be patient (15 minutes to 24 hours, I've seen it all) and then try again.

Unfortunately, the message does not provide any very helpful information. In order not to invest time unnecessarily, it is worth keeping a cool head. At the end there is finally a green bar and the Defender message "Failed to enable Intune integration" disappears.

If you are using Defender for Business, the initial wizard will not appear a second time. So you have to activate the integration in Intune manually.

I have put together a walkthrough for setting up Defender for Business with simplified administration here: Defender for Business Onboarding/Setup | scloud

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