When it comes to Microsoft 365 Licensing, it's essential to cut through the jargon and make informed choices. One of the most helpful resources available is Aaron Dinnage's comprehensive guide. In this article, we'll dive into the world of Microsoft 365 Licensing, explore Aaron Dinnage's guide, and introduce you to the user-friendly M365 Maps tool.

Meet M365 Maps: Simplifying Your Licensing Journey

The handiest tool to help you navigate Microsoft 365 Licensing: M365 Maps.
This innovative resource simplifies the process of understanding your options.

Tailoring Licenses to Your Needs

M365 Maps features an interactive selection tool that lets you customize your licensing choices based on your requirements. No more wading through endless options; just input your needs, and M365 Maps will present you with tailored plans. This makes your decision-making process smoother and more aligned with your organization's goals and budget.

Clear Understanding with Subcategories and Add-Ons

Understanding the different Licensing components can be overwhelming. M365 Maps solves this by providing neatly organized subcategories and add-on options. This visual aid makes it easy to identify the features that matter most to your organization.

Keep Track of Product Name Changes

I'm sure you've come across one or two product name changes. It's not easy to remember them all. But the Guide has you covered here as well:

Product Name Changes | M365 Maps

This section serves as a quick reference to help you keep track of Microsoft's evolving product names, ensuring you're always in the know.

M365 Maps, Product Name Changes


In the world of Microsoft Licensing, informed decisions are crucial. Aaron Dinnage's M365 Maps are here to simplify the complexities of licensing, making it easier for small businesses, IT administrators, and decision-makers in large organizations to choose the right options. Stay informed, stay empowered, and make the most of Microsoft 365 Licensing with these invaluable tools at your fingertips.