Finally, since October 2022 it is possible: to synchronize signatures between local Outlook, Outlook for Web and the One Outlook App. The nice thing about it is that if you use the local Outlook on a new device, your signatures will be synchronized to it.

This is a huge relief and saves me some scripts that I currently distribute in different MEM environments. With this synchronization, I no longer need any outsourcing that copies the signatures to the user's OneDrive (and back again).

Table of Contents

Announcement Microsoft Roadmap

Here is Microsoft's official announcement about the change: Microsoft 365 Roadmap | Microsoft 365
The roll-out runs on Office installations with the "Current Channel" and the preview.

Outlook for Windows: Signature cloud settings

Behavior in Outlook for Web

To view the new settings and to create additional signatures, log in to the Outlook for Web and navigate to the settings to "Show all Outlook settings".

Here under "Compose and Reply" you can now edit the existing signature or add additional ones. In my case there are currently two signatures, one for German and one for English answers.

Outlook Signatur Einstellungen

When you add a new one, don't forget at the bottom"Save on computer" button, otherwise the signature will not be created / modified.

Behavior in local Outlook

Woohoo! The signatures are also visible in the local Outlook and are compared.
To retrieve them in the settings, you navigate via "file" in the "Options". There under "e-mail", "signatures..." you will then find a similar view as online.

In the signatures we can already see the ones we have in the cloud.

Signaturen Outlook, lokal

Behavior in One Outlook App

The signatures are also visible in the "One Outlook App". But this was to be expected since it is based on the web version.

One Outlook App, Signaturen

Behavior in the Outlook Mobile App

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to synchronize signatures on iOS or Android devices with the Outlook app.