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Google Chrome Policies - Intune

Since the Intune Service Release 2203 (March 21, 2022), the Google Chrome guidelines, as we know them from the classic GPOs and the ADMX templates, have been integrated in Intune. This finally gives us the opportunity to configure policies for Google Chrome in Endpoint Manager / Intune directly.

To start with, I have prepared an example configuration for you here, so I can show you how the configuration can be done. I distribute the guidelines as "Basic Security" for Chrome, which is only available as a secondary browser in this environment.


The guidelines work with both the Google Chrome Enterprise and Consumer versions.

Create Google Chrome policy

You create the policy in the Endpoint Manager under "Devices> Windows> Configuration profiles" +Create profile. Here you select "Windows 10 and later" as platform and "Administrative Templates" under Templates.

Create Administrative Templates in Intune

We correctly give the policy a descriptive name and description.

Intune Google Chrome Administrative Templates

In the next step we can then make the desired settings. You can find this under "Computer Configuration/Google". Here you will see two subfolders. Only use the second "Default Settings (user can override)" if the user is actually allowed to adjust the settings. I don't want this in my security settings and select the first subfolder here.

Google Chrome Intune integrated ADMX

After defining the settings, you assign the policy to at least one group so that it is applied. An overview of the settings made then also appears:

Google Chrome Intune policy

Here are my settings in a table so that you can search for them when creating:

Block third-party cookiesEnabled
Enable reporting of usage and crash-related dataEnabled
Enable saving passwords to the password managerDisabled
Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closedDisabled
Allow running plugins that are outdatedDisabled
Allow running plugins that are outdatedDisabled
Enable component updates in Google ChromeEnabled

It's that easy to create and manage Google Chrome policies with Intune. The old tedious way via OMA-URI is no longer necessary.

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