In today's fast-paced digital landscape, managing applications on corporate devices has become a paramount concern for organizations. Microsoft's Intune Company Portal offers a robust solution that empowers users to uninstall any app seamlessly. This article delves into the importance and benefits of allowing users to uninstall apps via the Company Portal, providing a comprehensive guide to streamline the process.

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User Experience

Depending on your Configuration and the app, the "Uninstall" option is available or not. Here are the three states of a Win32 App.

1. Application is not installed:

Company Portal, Install App

2. Application is installed, but the option to Uninstall is not activated:

Company Portal, Reinstall App

3. Application is installed and the user is allowed to uninstall it:

Company Portal, Uninstall App

Supported App Types

  1. Win32 Apps:
    • Customizable Uninstall Option: By default, Win32 apps in Intune have the uninstall option turned off. You can easily enable it within the app properties.
      When adding a new Win32 app, simply turn on the uninstall option to give users control.
  2. Microsoft Store Apps:
    • Allways available: Microsoft Store apps in Intune come with the uninstall option always enabled, offering convenient uninstallation for end-users.

Allow uninstallation of existing Win32 App in Company Portal

Navigate in Intune to the desired application:
Apps > Windows > Your win32 App

In the "Properties" of the App edit the "Program" Settings:

Here you have the toggle to activate the Uninstall Button for your users in the Company Portal. Set it to "Yes" and hit "Review + save".

That was easy, wasn't it! 😉

Do you have a lot of applications where you want to enable this option?
Then Andrew has you covered: Setting Apps to Self-Service Uninstall in Company portal using PowerShell - Andrew Taylor (

Allow uninstallation of new Win32 App in Company Portal

The process for handling new apps remains consistent and straightforward. When creating a new Win32 app into your Intune environment, you'll encounter the familiar interface. Within the Program settings, specifically under the "Allow available uninstall" option, you have the flexibility to controll the uninstallation feature. Whether it's enabling or disabling the uninstall option, Intune offers the tools necessary for tailoring the app deployment to your exact specifications, facilitating a smoother and more efficient management process for your IT team and end-users alike.


Enabling users to uninstall apps via the Intune Company Portal is a strategic move towards enhancing the efficiency and security of corporate device management. It empowers users, optimizes resources, ensures compliance, and contributes to cost savings. By following the step-by-step guide outlined in this article, organizations can harness the full potential of this feature and create a more streamlined and user-centric app management process within their digital workspace.